Moores Rowland Partners has taken part in 2016 “Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show”

Moores Rowland Partners has taken part in the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (Flibs), being represented in Florida by their managing director Ezio Vannucci. The show, which nowadays represents a not-to-be-missed kermesse for the global yachting industry, opened up on Wednesday, 3rd November, and closed down on 7h November.
On the eve of the show, mister Vannucci held a dissertation during the 2016 edition of the SOS Yachting Fiscal Breakfast, which took place at the Embassy Suite Hotel (Gulf Stream Room). The Fiscal Breakfast gathered some of the best worldwide professionals who work across the yachting industry, focusing on the areas of Tax Law, Customs Law, Contractual Law and Yachting Management.
The meeting was brightened up by a round table over the most important fiscal issues which affect the yachting industry both within Italy and in the rest of the European Union. Ezio Vannucci acted indeed as one of the speakers of the round table, the others being Miguel Angel Serra Guasch, principal associate of the Spanish consulting firm Garrigues, and Thierry Voisin, chairman of the European association ECPY.