Moores Rowland Partners is one of the leading Italian companies on tax, customs, contractual and maritime consulting in the yachting and more widely in the nautical field. Our team assists companies that operate in the maritime and port areas. These include shipyard operators as well as their suppliers and, lastly, brokers, ship owning companies and leasing companies that are active at an international level in the yachting world.

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Moores Rowland Partners is able to support our clients for any given problem on the subjects that pertain to:

  • Tax, customs and contractual consulting in trading, building, renting and locationing of naval units of all types.
  • Consulting in customs law, more in details in the import-export for yachting units as well as refits of vessels under the customs regime of the “active improvement”
  • Assistance in all the tax and customs fulfillments pertaining to the renting and locationing activities of yachting units of both European and non-European ownerships in both local and European waters.
  • Assistance to ship owners in disputes with customs and revenue agencies and other authorities in the maritime field.
  • Services of “Owner’s representative” and revenue domiciliation for foreign ship owning companies.
  • Tax consulting on VAT matters for shipyards and their whole range of suppliers.
  • Consulting for brokers and ship owners during the trading of vessels in Italian territory.

Moores Rowland Partners can count on a network of correspondents in the main yachting capitals of the world: London, Barcelona, Paris, Montecarlo, New York and Miami.


The professionals of Moores Rowland Partners have a wide and over a decade long experience in the consulting activity dedicated to operators in the fashion, luxury and design worlds. Amongst our clients there are companies which embrace the whole industry, from producers of raw materials, such as leather and fabrics, up to the fashion houses known at a global level, passing through wholesalers, traders and transformation and packaging companies.

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Thanks to a team with interdisciplinary skills, Moores Rowland Partners reaches out to companies in  the industry headquartered on national territory as well as foreign groups that operate in Italy, by offering our customers assistance on an ongoing basis, both for the ordinary business administration, and for extraordinary transactions and lastly through our advice on individual problems.

In the fashion & luxury field, the company more particularly covers the following areas:

  • Assistance on taxation
  • Tax representation and tax domiciliation for foreign companies
  • Corporate consulting
  • Assistance in matters of labor law and personnel management
  • Consulting on tax disputes
  • Consulting on licensing and distribution agreements.


The professionals of Moores Rowland Partners offer a high profile professional consulting service to those operating in the real estate industry. The company supports step by step both construction groups and other actors in the supply chain who purchase, build or renovate real estate for commercial purposes and private owners who seek the direct use of their assets.

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Our team has gained valuable experience in purchase and transfer transactions, corporate  or financing spin-offs relating to luxury real estate properties located in Italy. Our team also gained a similar experience in the development of real estate projects from scratch all over the national territory.

Mainly, Moores Rowland Partners brings to both their domestic and foreign clients the following services:

  • Tax consulting and advice on real estate transactions
  • Consulting in the financial and corporate structuring of real estate transactions
  • Contractual consulting on contracting, trading and leasing of property units for residential, commercial and hospitality purposes
  • Administrative and fiscal domiciliation and management of Italian real estate companies and foreign companies that hold properties on Italian territory.
  • Consulting on tax disputes within properties, trading and real estate transactions.


Thanks to the geographical proximity to the district of Lucca, one of the main industrial centers in Europe for pulp and paper production, Moores Rowland Partners has had extensive experience in consulting for companies active in this field. Our clients represent the entire chain of the industry, from those who work with the raw materials to those who trade and distribute the final products, passing through the suppliers of other production elements.

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Specifically, our team of professionals offers the following services:

  • Tax and corporate consulting on an ongoing basis and for extraordinary transactions to businesses operating in the paper and raw materials industries.
  • Consulting on VAT matters for trading transactions on both EU and international levels
  • Domiciliation and administrative management of Italian branches of foreign companies or groups
  • Consulting on tax disputes


Moores Rowland Partners provides professional assistance to a large range of Italian and foreign companies operating in the publishing field. Our team also supports Italian branches of foreign publishing groups in all administrative duties pertaining to the distribution of foreign magazines in Italy.

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The set of professional services that we offer includes more specifically the following activities:

  • Tax consulting to companies operating in the publishing field
  • Consulting on the specific VAT regime of the publishing industry
  • Domiciliation and administrative management of Italian branches of foreign publishing companies
  • Assistance with all the necessary procedures needed to obtain the registration of editorial publications with the competent authorities and Courts
  • Management of practices with R. O. C. (Italian Register of publishing and broadcast operators)
  • Consulting on tax disputes