Use of denaturated diesel will become compulsory even when travelling in extra-EU waters

The Italian Customs Agency has published an update in the matters of the type of fuel that motorboats have to use when travelling in extra-EU waters. The update stems from Determination 124230/2016, that has been issued on 15th November 2016.
Coming into further details, Article 2 of the above-mentioned Determination states that, starting from 1st January 2019, motorboats has to make use only of denaturated diesel when cruising extra-EU waters. This regulation implies that using denaturated diesel in place of non-denaturated diesel when cruising extra-EU waters will be discretionary and not mandatory until 31st December 2018.
Determination 124230/2016 therefore equates cruising extra-Eu waters to cruising domestic and EU waters, for which Ministerial Decree 225/2015 already compelled motorboats to make use of denaturated diesel. According to Article 1.3 of Ministerial Decree 225/2015 only motorboats travelling between two domestic ports, or between domestic ports and EU ports, are bound to resort to denaturated diesel, even if they happen to cross over to extra-EU waters when covering such routes.
As a matter of fact, the Italian Customs Agency has chosen the option of gradually broadening the compulsory use of denaturated diesel for motorboats travelling in extra-EU maritime waters, upon the conviction that such a decision will allow autorithies to better traceability and to more effective administrative checks.