Taxation of Businesses
and Tax Services

Moores Rowland Partners assists, in all areas of taxation, Italian companies and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies that seek for professional support with the ordinary activities of corporate management and with their organizational and strategic choices.

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The Moores Rowland Partners team has a consolidated experience in the taxation field and it provides comprehensive and personalized consulting services regarding direct, indirect  and replacement taxation, transfer pricing, aspects of international taxation and taxation planning. The company also provides assistance in the performance of declaratory obligations both for individuals and companies.

Moores Rowland Partners assists its clients in the preparation of financial statements and the application of the national and international accounting standards IAS / IFRS.

Lastly, Moores Rowland Partners offers accounts holding and the processing of any administrative practice, to companies, stable organizations of foreign companies, and VAT representation, thanks to its highly specialized personnel.

As part of the “Tax Services” Moores Rowland Partners also offers services such as corporate domiciliation, submitting of computerized tax returns, and other communications to the tax offices and chambers of commerce.

VAT & Customs

Thanks to Dr. Ezio Vannucci and his high preparation and over twenty year long experience together with his “Vat Desk” team, Moores Rowland Partners, is able to provide advice in the field of VAT and Customs, within the respect of the compatibility of national legislation with EU sources and with the legislation of other Member States.

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Moores Rowland Partners is able to face any kind of inquiry or issue brought up by a Client on matters of VAT and customs regulations. More particularly, the company:

  • Provides highly specialized advice and consulting on the more complex VAT application issues within internal relations and with relations with both EU and non-EU jurisdictions.
  • Assist companies established in the EU or in non-EU countries operating on Italian territory.
  • Supports Italian companies in any issue belonging to international trade.

Extraordinary transactions

Moores Rowland Partners assists companies, national and international groups and families in the implementation of M & A transactions, sale of companies, businesses or business branches.

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Moores Rowland Partners provides professional services for the structuring, management and finalization of extraordinary transactions such as acquisitions or transfer of shares and extraordinary finance transactions (mergers, divisions, provisions, transfers of companies) through a differentiated approach depending on the economic and business environment of reference.

In this context Moores Rowland Partners acts through an integrated and unified management of the corporate, taxation, legal and accounting profiles of each transaction, from the structuring of the investment to the management of the closing procedure, passing from carrying out all the accounting and fiscal due diligence and the writing of standard contracts, until the completion of the same transaction.

law consulting

Moores Rowland Partners supports step by step those who are experiencing different phases of the entrepreneurial life, from the establishment of new companies to the modification of the assets of those already existing.

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Moores Rowland Partners owns high skills in the process of the establishment of new legal entities on Italian territory, advising clients on the choice of the most suitable company form and the drafting of the statute and shareholders’ agreements. The company has also gained decades of experience in the creation of Italian subsidiaries of foreign groups.

Moores Rowland Partners supports clients wishing to start a business, or planning to reorganize an existing one, in defining the governance assets and management structure deemed best according to the type of business, the market in which it belongs and the needs of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Assistance on
tax disputes

Moores Rowland Partners has gained over the years a significant experience in handling situations of pre-dispute and dispute with tax authorities on behalf of both individuals and companies.

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Moores Rowland Partners assists its clients from the moment of the tax inspection, planning the overall defense strategy, considering the drafting of explanatory memoires, the presentation of relief instances in self-protection, the establishment of verification with cohesion, the reduction of sanctions through the acquiescence institution, drafting of appeals, drafting of integrative and explanatory memoires.

Management control
and corporate evaluations

Moores Rowland Partners assists businesses and companies in the transactions of management control in the organization of business and financial plans, in the analysis of economic and financial feasibility and corporate evaluations.

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With reference to the management control activities, Moores Rowland Partners is able to offer business governances  useful information to better understand the status of the companies themselves in both actual and prospective terms. Given the above, periodical reports are drafted for our client companies. These, by considering specific indicators, allow us to measure and analyze possible discrepancies between the planned objectives (in terms of budget) and results achieved (in final terms). All of this is achieved by being in constant communication with management so that they can apply the necessary corrective actions.

The definition of the value of a company represents a key moment in the decision making process regarding transactions of ordinary and extraordinary finance. In this context Moores Rowland Partners assists its clients in determining the market value of companies, offering a service of excellence both in the event that we should provide an evaluation as independent experts, and in the event that it becomes necessary to provide an adequacy opinion on the value and/or price in the events of capital transactions.

Global assistance
on real estate projects

In the real estate field, Moores Rowland Partners offers complete professional assistance to the industry’s leding players, both at domestic and foreign level, for all real estate where the objects are properties, real estate complexes, touristic structures and residential zoning to be resold and/or developed.

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Moores Rowland Partners’ activity consists primarily of the financial, corporate and tax structuring of the transaction and in the drafting of the contractual documentation for the purchase, as well as drafting contracts aimed at the completion of the venture: contracts, agency contracts, property management contracts and leases.

The professionals of Moores Rowland Partners have also gained over twenty years of experience in initiatives and projects in all real estate market segments, from residential to commercial up to the touristic and hospitality ones.

HR consulting and
personnel management

Moores Rowland Partners provides assistance to its clients for the whole management and administration of the company’s personnel. Our consulting services start with the early onsets of the employment relationship, moving to the contract negotiation and it is extended throughout the development of the work relationship up until an eventual termination of the same. Moreover, our professionals take care of the remuneration and declarative aspects as well as the processing of payroll slips.

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Our professionals hold an in-depth knowledge of both the statutory laws governing the matter and in that of an eventual collective contracting within the various industrial fields. They are also able to outsource the budgeting of operating costs that companies incur in for their staff, under both quotation and final phases.

Legal accounts audits

Moores Rowland Partners, thanks to its licensed professionals, can offer the service of legal auditing of the accounts for companies to which applies the relevant legal obligation, combining maximum precision and reliability with an unconditional adherence to the principles of seriousness and independence.

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The professionals of Moores Rowland perform legal audits attentively and scrupulously, allowing companies to have a complete verification of the solidity of their operating business model as well as a verification of how the companies’ philosophy can adapt to the changing needs of global markets