Ezio Vannucci was born in Viareggio in 1967.  He is the founder of Moores Rowland Partners for which he is managing director.  

He is in charge of the “Yacht Division”  and he flanks industrial groups and multinationals in matters of extraordinary operations.   


Ezio Vannucci graduated in Economical Science from “Guglielmo Marconi” University in Rome. 

He has been registered, for more than twenty years, in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Auditors of Lucca and in the Register of legal auditors held by the Italian Ministry of Finance.  

In the mid 90’s he joined Moores Rowland International, at the time one of the biggest international organizations of companies and professional firms in matters of tax consulting and legal auditing. 


Doctor Vannucci has led Moores Rowland Partners to cover an extremely relevant role at international level in the fields of tax and customs regarding the yachting market and, more generally, the entire nautical industry. In parallel, under his guidance the company provides assistance to leading domestic and foreign firms operating in other industries, such as the paper, publishing and real estate ones. 

To this day, he personally carries out tax consulting activities for associations of categories both national and foreign, as well as for important European industrial groups.

Ezio Vannucci is a speaker, both in Italy and abroad, at numerous conventions on the theme of Italian tax legislation and for that in the yachting industry. He periodically writes articles on tax and customs matters for national and international publications and magazines dedicated to the yachting world. 

VAT and Customs

Corporate law consulting

Legal audit of accounts

Extraordinary operations

Global assistance on Real Estate projects


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