Vat on Charter service: Ezio Vannucci has briefed captains at the 16th “Azimut Benetti YachtMaster”

Ezio Vannucci was one of the panellists at the 16th edition of AzimutBenetti YachtMaster, which took place at Tombolo Resort in Marina di Castagneto Carducci (Tuscany), on 3rd-6th February, 2016.
The event hosted several workshops on diverse subjects deemed relevant to the yachting industry, including VAT and charter regulations. By his dissertations on charter regulations and VAT in Italy, Ezio gave the attending captains an update both about the rules which already were undisputedly into effect and about the ones that are rather new. While the first part of the workshops was devoted to Ezio’s explanations, the latter consisted of a Q&A session with the captains.
The workshops took place in the afternoons on 3rd and 4th February (2 sessions per days of 1 hour each, with 20/25 participants for each class). It was an interesting and successful opportunity to better clarify to the captains the 2016 scenario concerning VAT on charters in Italy before the yachting season starts.