Elena Bosi


+39 0584 1667525

Elena Bosi was born in Lucca in 1970. At Moores Rowland Partners she is in charge of tax and corporate consulting, tax disputes and extraordinary corporate transactions.


Elena Bosi graduated cum laude in Business Administration from the University of Pisa.
She is registered at the Register of Chartered Accountants and Auditors of Lucca and in the Register of legal auditors held by the Ministry of Finance. She has also received stage-one habilitation to exercise audits within Italian local entities.

She is a consultant for the Courthouse of Lucca in matters of corporate evaluations.

In 1995 she participated to a biannual internship at Piaggio Ve.Spa’s purchasing department. This was a preparatory internship aimed at the writing of her dissertation, completed under the supervision of Professor Riccardo Varaldo.

From 1996 to 1998 she collaborated with a famous Florentine firm on matters of tax and corporate consulting.

After five years as a freelancer in the field of tax assistance for corporations, in April 2004 she started collaborating with a leading firm in Milan within the same field. In 2011, she began her collaboration with the team of professionals led by Ezio Vannucci.


Since 1996, Elena Bosi’s tax-consulting and management-advising services have been addressed to companies belonging to different sectors, such as those of construction, manufacture, trade and services. All of these businesses have different dimensions and are headquartered throughout the whole Italian territory.
Elena has been covering the role of legal auditor for contracting companies for big public works, both national and international, companies operating in the gold field and leading industrial groups operating in the refinery and trading of petrochemical products.