Lisa Bernini

Client Service Manager

+39 0584 1667522

Lisa Bernini was born in Pietrasanta in 2000.
At Moores Rowland Partners, she supports other team members and professionals in bookkeeping for clients and uses industry-leading yacht management software, assisting owner companies and their crew members in accounting for all expenses incurred on board.


Lisa Bernini has a diploma from the Linguistic high school, where she learnt three languages: English, Spanish and German. To this day, she continues to train in order to have a greater knowledge and mastery of her studies.
Since September 2022, she has joined Moores Rowland Partners to provide professional training in administration and general accounting to companies and individuals.


At Moores Rowland Partners, Lisa is in charge of bookkeeping.
Within the yachting field, Lisa Bernini uses leading yachting management and invoicing software, working with captains and crew members in entering all accounting and on-board documents, which are mandatory for cruising.