“We have very clear ideas on the nautical and fiscal issues. I am grateful to the institutions for the relationship that has changed and we already see the effects, but on this front we need further help to succeed to ride the wave of recovery with greater vigor, taking advantage of the opportunities that the market provides today “: so the president of Ucina Confindustria Nautica Carla Demaria at the Genoa Boat Show during the presentation of the fifth edition of “Nautica e Fisco”.

The volume, published by Ucina and the Italian Tax Authority Agenzia delle Entrate, has become a true bible for the industry, the professionals, the shipyards and the shipowners. “The latest edition was dated 2013 and in the last four years we have seen an evolution of national and community legislation,” said the author Ezio Vannucci (Moores Rowland Partners).

“But besides all the news in tax, customs and other fulfillments required to pleasure vessels in national waters, topics on particular issues of interest to Italian and foreign users were also analyzed. ” Among the others, Giovanni Spalletta, deputy director of the Agency’s Law Department and Maurizio Balducci, Vice President of Ucina Confindustria Nautica. “We are reorganizing and one of the key points is to put the taxpayer at the centre of attention,” said Spalletta. (ANSA)