After five auctions in which no bids were submitted and with an initial appraisal value of Euro 95 millions of euro (shipyards + yacht,) on 30 July, an international investor  had been awarded the auction of Cantiere Navale Privilege Yard“ through its Italian subsidiary.

The shipyard, located in Civitavecchia in the area of ​​the Mattonara (inside the Port of Civitavecchia), includes eleven covered buildings of 24,500 square meters on a total area of​​102,200 square meters and a photovoltaic system of 1,130 kwp. The purchase of the yard was completed yesterday in Rome in the presence of the Bankruptcy curator of Privilege Yard Spa, and the legal representative of the acquiring Italian company , assisted by Dr Ezio Vannucci, Partner of Moores Rowland Partners and Avvocato Vito Parenti with office in Rome.